Vendor access

At NRM…clients are welcome 24/7!

Computerized invoices and automated balance ledgers allow for instant tracking of pending, current and completed audits. Additionally, all clients are issued private, hack-proof pass codes allowing them to review data pertaining to their audit requests; every audit’s status, billing and inventory data is available electronically 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The billing process and inventory tracking system is completely automated and allows for speedy online data retrieval and review. By utilizing the benefits of paperless billing, the payment process is effectively streamlined and efficiently managed by all companies involved

Industry Services

If it’s insurance services…it’s NRM!

In addition to offering first-rate premium audit services, NRM’s loss-control division boasts an array of industry services including loss-control.

Our OSHA certified loss-control inspectors search for and implement hazard recognition controls, injury management and general preventative maintenance measures. A written analysis detailing possible risks and exposures are submitted to the clients along with all necessary recommendations, as well as a detailed photo template sheet, effectively reducing exposures, minimizing losses and creating a safer workplace environment.




Computerized Reports

Computerized technology…
with a personal touch!

By harnessing the power of advanced computer and web 2.0 technologies, NRM effectively produces the most comprehensive audit reports in the industry. Audit assignments are stored and dispatched via a customized web-based software program that keeps tabs on audit status, progress and completion.

The audits are tabulated on a Microsoft Windows based Excel spreadsheet that has been custom-designed for numerical precision and viewer clarity, and can be customized according to client’s specifications and requirements. Completed audits are sent to the client in an open excel spreadsheet format, or as an easy to read PDF file.

sample audit




Professional Employees

Because anything less than absolute professionalism…simply won’t do

InspectorNRM’s dedicated and experienced employees exude professionalism in every sense of the word. Industry seminars and continuous training courses are attended annually to ensure that NRM’s auditors and reviewers are up to date with the latest guidelines and issues affecting the auditing industry. Additionally, NRM offers the insured a customized web-based survey system to receive critical feedback, allowing us to maintain optimum levels of client-satisfaction.

We at NRM are fully cognizant and aware that our staff represents the brand image of our clients – and we strive to represent them in a most professional manner. Field staff is instructed to maintain appropriate attire and conduct while performing audits and interacting with the insured. Additionally, auditors continuously undergo intense corporate-training programs to insure that they portray NRM – and its clients – in a most favorable and positive light.